Hi, my name is Chad Moore and I love to build interactive projects. I have a background in 3D animation, video game development, production management, startups & teaching (rigging dojo) and front end development.

I love to create and talk about animation, interaction, games and web development.

I'm an Agile advocate and have experience as a Product Owner and Scrum Master.

I love to work in the spaces where art and technology meet.

Here is some of my recent work.

A mix of from-scratch web development, usage of html/css frameworks, javaScript as well as a demo of the product I've spearheaded at Turbine games.

My strengths

According to Strengths Finder:

What I'm interested in

The New York Islanders. Home Brewing. Reading. Photography. Boards of Canada, Foo Fighters, MMW. The Gentleman Bastard Sequence. The Dude Abides. House Stark. Jedi. Gryffindor.