Hi, I'm Chad.

Technical Art Director at Turbine
Co-Founder of Rigging Dojo.
Front-end developer interested in interaction, animation, 3D and Augmented Reality.

Check out my dev blog to see what I'm up to. I write about the soft skills required for lasting careers in creative development at Where the Light Gathers.

Who said it, Tyrion or Dali?

Take the javaScript and jQuery quiz I created to test your Tyrion and Dali quote knowledge.

What's Grammin'

See what's on instagram right now at select locations across the globe.

Funky FizzBuzz

A fizzBuzz app written in javaScript & jQuery.

Hot or Cold quiz

I wrote the javaScript for the quiz. Front-end by Jeya Karthika.

Shopping List

Don't forget the milk. Win at the market with this responsive shopping list.

Let's talk

The best way to contact me is to shoot me an email. Or give me a call.