Chad Moore



2016 - Present
  • Senior Technical Project Manager

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment/Turbine

2007 - 2016
  • Producer / Scrum Master on the Game of Thrones Mobile Project. My role is to solve production and technical issues to let artists and technologists make the best features possible. I strive to keep the team and client(s) happy and productive. I also manage the audio production of the game.

  • Technical Art Director and Product Owner for internal tools development. I Prioritize requests from Art Directors for custom content creation tools. Then I task the Technical Art team to create tools and support Artists and other developers.

  • Design and support the art pipelines for all projects.

  • Directly or Indirectly Manage a team of up to 20 animators, technical artists, and software engineers.
    Currently I am managing two people.

Rigging Dojo

2009 - Present

C​o-Founder, Mentor

  • Co­-Founded Rigging Dojo; an online school to teach character rigging and related technical arts.

  • Built an online community for students, teachers and working professionals.

  • Website development with wordpress, elgg, bootstrap and html, css & javaScript

Sony Computer Entertainment America

2001 - 2007

M​anager of Animation

  • Manage a team of over 30 animators, technical artists, and software engineers.

  • Help manage the animation and art production of 30+ Playstation 2, 3 and PSP titles.

  • Design and support the animation and motion capture pipelines for above projects.

Various Companies

1996 - 2001

3D Animator, Technical Artist and Teacher

  • I created animation, character rigs & other technical art and trained artists at various positions.


Management and Production

  • Extensive Management Skills.

  • Product Owner and Certified Scrum Master. Project management in Agile, Kanban, and Waterfall.

  • Jira, Microsoft Office, Trello, Basecamp, Google Docs, Powerpoint and Keynote.

Game Development

  • Unity3D, Unreal, Many proprietary Engines and Perforce.

3D Animation

  • Maya, Motion Builder, Softimage. Tool/UI development with MEL Scripting and Python.

Highly effective Teaching, Curriculum Development and Mentoring skills.

  • Clients include: CDIA at Boston University, Columbia College Chicago, Emerson College, Mount Ida College, New England Institute of Technology, The Ohio State University and various Users Group Meetings.

Public Speaking​

  • "Motion Editing" at Siggraph 2005.

  • "Th​e Character Animator Toolkit for MotionBuilder" a​t Siggraph 2007.

  • “User Experience for Technical Art” at the GDC 2014.

Front-end development

  • HTML5, css, javaScript, jQuery, Angular (just started learning), Twitter Bootstrap, elgg and Wordpress.

Back End development

  • Python and Node (just started learning).


  • Full Sail University - Associate of Science in Digital Media.


  • Available upon request and/or via​ linkedin.


  • Augmented Reality, Web Development, Character Animation, Film, Photography, Parenting, Coffee, Kinetic Art, Bass guitar, L+R=J, The Nameless Thirteenth, Jedi.