I participated in an interesting conversation on, which made me think of this post. These are my further thoughts on a different kind of clubhouse.

I have two mental models that I’m thinking of in regard to a different kind of clubhouse. One is the brewpub. We have a lot of great ones where I live. Craft beer, and eclectic menus. The seating arrangements are typical restaurant style, but also some more comfortable situations too. Couches, fire-pits outside (it’s New England after all), etc.

Imagine you’re out with a friend, at a brewpub for a coffee, or pint or dinner. You’re sitting at a two-top (table for two). You’re having a discussion about insert topic here. A third party walks up. Your friend knows them, and you both invite them to join you. You all ask the staff if you can be moved to a larger table. New people are met, sharing of ideas is done, respectful disagreement perhaps; everyone is learning, sharing, and relationships are formed and strengthened.

The second mental model is based on corporate meetings (yuck, I know, bear with me). Sometimes when topics are being discussed, and there isn’t enough subject matter expertise, the meeting attendees may reach out’ to loop someone into the meeting’. They message the subject matter expert, and depending on their availability, they may hop into the meeting.

So instead of the stage of clubhouse, there’s a brewpub instead.

You denote that you’re either available to chat or that you and your friend(s) are talking about a topic. You can step up and into the conversation (the friend of the friend at the brewpub’), or someone in a conversation can request you to join, if you’re available (the loop them in’).

No idea if this has value or the technical feasibility. It was just fun to get the words out of my head.

Posted on March 11, 2021

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