Twelve Favorite Problems

Chris Wilson reminded me of this technique recently. The way I take it is that one should have a set (it doesn’t have to be twelve) of questions that they ask themselves whenever taking an action or making an important decision. Other folks may interpret this differently.

Here’s my current draft as on July 3, 2021. I think there’s some redundancy and I am not sure how SMART I should make these. How Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-boxed should these be?

I’ll keep revising these.

Might this be effective for you? How would you determine your questions/problems? Let me know.

  1. Does this help me move towards working as an independent or on very small creative teams
  2. Does this help me have total financial freedom (current base salary & kids college) by age 55?
  3. Does this help me help people bring their stories and experiences into the world?
  4. Does this help normalize mental health for me, my family, my tribe, and the world?
  5. Does this help me be healthier than I am now, when I am 100 Years old?
  6. Does this help me understand detatchment in the Buddhist sense of the word?
  7. Does this make me take action to chip away at systematic racism and injustice?
  8. Does this help me surround myself with optimistic, creative, curious, and supportive people who give me energy?
  9. Does this help me gain expertise as a raconteur / storyteller?
  10. Does this help me express myself and/or create shared experiences?
  11. Does this make my life as simple as possible?
  12. Does this help my children understand that we are all here to learn and grow. To support, and connect with each other?

Posted on July 3, 2021

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