I’m curious about my motivations to be a Raconteur. A Storyteller. I don’t quite understand the all the things in this soup of motivation. I recognize some of the ingredients, but don’t know where exactly they are grown, and how they get to me.

And I don’t know why they pair so damn well.

Is it Extrinsic Motivation when I am able to capture peoples attention? Having them laugh or feel real emotions via empathy makes them engaged. It makes me feel good too. But making people connect in a shared experience is the real magic.

It does make me feel good to hear the laughs and see the audience giving me their attention. I can see it on their faces in these times and it feels good. I reinforces my want and need to take up space. And to share and connect. Is this my intrinsic motivation?

But the real truth is that doing this is still terrifying for me. Getting up in front of people, in any context is uncomfortable. From a performance to a large meeting at work. But I love this feeling. This discomfort forces me to be present.

I should care less about the how and the why the soup is on my table. I should just enjoy it, and pass it to others to fill their bowls.

Posted on June 30, 2021

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